Our vision

Have you been in conversation before and not been helped?

Are you tired of care queues and waiting times?

Our task is to guide you to feel better. Or to understand yourself better and accept your abilities and shortcomings so that you can make more free choices about how you want to live your life or how you, based on your personality and your experiences, can live your life as fully as possible.

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Specialist in clinical psychology with a focus on psychological treatment - Swedish Psychological Association (2016)

The Psychotherapist Program - Linköping University (2012-2014)

Psychology program - Umeå University (2000-2005)

Basic psychotherapy education in CBT (2005)

Basic psychotherapy education in PDT (psychodynamic psychotherapy) (2005)

Training as an IPT Therapist (2014)

Education in mentalization-based therapy (2009)

Education in neuropsychiatric assessment and investigation

Training in the test instruments WISC, WAIS, ADOS-2 for assessment of IF, ADHD, AST, autism

Supervisor training for supervision of PTP psychologists

More about Psychotherapy office in Nyköping

  • Do you suffer from mental illness?


  • Do you feel that you are repeating patterns from previous relationships in your relationships today?

  • Are you or have you been co-dependent?

  • Do you get negative consequences from your drinking and continue to drink anyway?

  • Do you feel that you are a highly sensitive person and that you are often misunderstood by those around you?

  • Have you grown up with narcissistic parents?

Different therapy methods work differently depending on the problem and personality. Our specialist psychologist and psychotherapist have education and experience of various methods with strong scientific support. During the first sessions, you make an assessment together of which therapy method may work best for you and your specific needs.

  • Do you want to live your life more in line with your goals and values? Then maybe CBT is the method that suits you.

  • Do you want to feel better by learning to deal with relationship problems? In that case, IPT may be the most appropriate method.


We have an agreement with Region Sörmland and through the agreement receive patients from the age of 18 for psychotherapy. If you meet the criteria for psychotherapy within the framework of an agreement with Region Sörmland, 12 sessions are free of charge. By criteria is meant that your complaints could be treated in primary care. Outside the agreement, we accept complaints that are usually treated in adult psychiatry and offer assessment and treatment for ADHD and autism to both children and adults. We also offer guidance to psychotherapists and managers as well as to working groups that work in health and care.


The number of patients we can receive via the agreement with Region Sörmland is limited, but we also have the opportunity to receive you for sessions outside the agreement. The cost is then SEK 1,000 per visit and you can get an appointment within five working days. This also applies to you who have psychiatric problems and cannot get help in primary care. If you want to go into psychoanalytic psychotherapy several sessions a week for a longer period of time, a reduced price is offered by appointment.

Difference between talk therapists without credentials and legitimate psychologists and psychotherapists


An identification card is a guarantee that the licensed professional has a certain level of knowledge and certain personal qualities that make him or her deemed suitable to practice the profession.


The Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate (IVO) supervises all health care staff. If a licensed professional does not live up to the requirements for knowledge, competence and suitability, this can be investigated by IVO. IVO can then make a report to the Health and Medical Care Liability Committee, HSAN, about, among other things, probation and / or revocation of the identification.


There is a large range of talk therapists with various forms of training or no training at all. A certified psychologist has completed a five-year identification-based university education and served one year under supervision in order to then be able to apply for identification with the National Board of Health and Welfare.


A licensed psychotherapist is basically a psychologist, doctor or sociologist with a basic psychotherapy education who has completed a three-year credential-based university education in psychotherapy.


To become a psychologist, 50 hours of personal experience of having gone into psychotherapy is required, and to become a psychotherapist, an additional 75 hours are required.


A specialist in psychological treatment has been judged by the Swedish Psychological Association to have "such competence based on practical experience, theoretical knowledge and scientific education that he / she has obtained eligibility as a specialist in clinical psychology with a specialization in psychological treatment / psychotherapy".

Member of the Swedish Psychological Association and Psykologföretagarna, the business is registered with IVO and has F-tax and patient insurance.



Lic. psychologist

Lic. psychotherapist

Specialist in psychological treatment