All effective psychotherapy is based in some sense on learning theory. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a collective name for various therapy methods such as cognitive psychotherapy - which is based on our (automatic) thoughts controlling our behavior and our emotional reactions - or behavioral therapy based on the assumption that all behaviors have been learned at some point and that we can change our behaviors by re-learning or learning something new.
For example, we may have become very scared in connection with a specific situation. This may have led us to connect the fear with things that have to do with the specific situation, so-called classical conditioning. According to learning theory, our behaviors are also governed by the consequences they have, so-called operant conditioning. We may have learned to be kind to our parents to show that they like us, but being too kind in close relationships can prevent us from asserting ourselves in a way that is healthy for us. In the short term, avoidance leads to us getting rid of the fear of not being liked, but in the longer term, our self-esteem is affected when we do not stand up for ourselves to a sufficient degree and what is important to us.
Our specialist psychologist is based on cognitive psychotherapy in his practice but also behavioral therapy, schema therapy and third-wave CBT with influences from Buddhist thinking, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT does not aim to change negative or difficult thoughts and feelings, but the goal is instead that we should learn to accept them and move in the direction of the goals we value, what is called valued direction.
Do you want to live your life more in line with your goals and values? Then CBT may be a suitable method for you. Different therapy methods work differently depending on the problem and personality. Our specialist psychologist has education and experience of various methods with strong scientific support. During the first conversations, you make an assessment together of which therapy method may work best for you and your specific needs.
Have you tried CBT before and not been helped? Read about two other methods that our specialist psychologist offers: psychoanalytic psychotherapy and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) .


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